Edge Elite Kit

The Edge Elite



The J&J Performance Edge Elite barrel kit will make your marker more accurate then ever before. With the ever changing paintball sizes available today, we offer two new Edge control bores to accommodate the trends.

The kit now includes a .676” and .679” back along with the traditional .682”, .685”, & .688” control bore backs. Along with the wide selection of lengths available in this kit, ranging from 8” to 16”, you will have the advantage over your opponents

A step up from the Edge Starter System, you will not only be able to change your control bores but you will also be able to change the lengths of your barrel. Comes with 4 control bores (.685, .688, .691, & .693) along with a 12″ and 14″ front.


Comes in a zipper close protective carrying case
You can upgrade later with additional backs and fronts


What can we say, when you have the J&J Performance system